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Puerto Rico is mired in the most serious crisis in its 120-year history as a colony of the United States. Never before have converged so many angles that if this path imposed by imperialism continues unabated, it will negatively impact the future of PR as a distinct Boricua nation that can advance for the benefit of its people.

We’re convening a people’s tribunal. It is a tribunal to expose the responsibility and culpability of the USA for 120 years of colonialism, with all that that has entailed. It is a tribunal above all, to mobilize public opinion particularly in the US and expose  at international level the facts for which the US has the enormous responsibility. We will try to change the prevailing discourse that the Puerto Rican people only need help from the US government after Irma and Maria. Establish that what the people need is justice, solidarity, and reparations for the damages caused by more than a century of colonization by the USA.

There are many costs associated with building the tribunal, including materials, travel for outreach and for participants in the Tribunal, social media promotion, and much more. Please donate generously to support the convening of an International Tribunal on U.S. Colonial Crimes In Puerto Rico.

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Holyrood Church / Iglesia Santa Cruz
715 179th Street (at Ft. Washington Ave)
New York, NY 10033

Tribunal Internacional Sobre Crimenes de EUA / International Tribunal on US Colonial Crimes in Puerto Rico

October 27, 2018 / 9:00am